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Do you got Skeeter’s?

We got Skeeter’s as big as bats, and it hurts you know when them little blood sucking demons latch on to you, it damn well hurts. So the idea of poison or pesticides, well that dernt sound good, so we decided to make Skeeter Shop. Skeeter Shop does not use toxic pesticide’s or repellent’s, it is a smeellll, that skeeter’s don’t like. We make our products using plant extracts, oils, wax and other products.

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Skeet Shop does not make repellents, we make a scent. A scent made from oils that Skeeter’s, well they just do not appreciate much. Skeeter Shop products are not made for human consumption.


Skeeter Shop provides products that mosquito’s don’t like, while being pleasant to be around. Instead of focusing on something like toxic repellents or pesticides, we use plants to create a scent, made primarily from naturally occurring oils. One of the primary plants we focus on is Callicarpa Americana or “American Beauty Berry”, which we personally raise. We raise Beauty Berry naturally, but we also use aquaponics to raise our plants. We use a process of steam distillation to make an extract from the Beauty Berry leaf. We use other sources for other various essential oils.

It would be a stretch to say it was the best scent in the world, but who are you wearing it for? Our products are cosmetic by design, with our goal of creating a clean product that is less toxic. These products are seasonal and the amount will be limited based on supply.

Some of the ingredients we use to create this scent

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